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Deluxe Black Atlas Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater Remote Control
Deluxe Black Atlas Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote Control

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Premier Portable Quartz Infrared Heater from Atlas
Premier Portable Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with remote from Atlas in Black


The Atlas ATLH1053B brings the latest in heating technology and puts it in a compact and portable indoor machine. The heater utilizes quartz infrared technology that is meticulously designed to keep your living space warm and comfortable, without the risk of ignition or the hassle of dial controls! Atlas Quartz Infrared Heaters are 100% safe around indoors, around children and by pets. Plus, its electronic thermostat with LED display and remote control allow you to conveniently keep watch on how warm you want it to be inside.

Atlas heaters have quartz infrared technology keep your home a warm and relaxing escape from the cold, wet and rainy days. And unlike most heaters, its flat top surface and wooden frame work as a piece of furniture that blends perfectly into any living space.
Portable Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with remote from Atlas, in black Portable Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with remote from Atlas, in black  


  • Quality
    • High quality wooden cabinets give the wood its classy look
    • Its quartz infrared technology is state of the art in efficiency
    • Every heater is tested before shipment, and includes full warranty
    • The Atlas Quartz Infrared Heater is safe, there is no risk fire when used properly
  • Convenience
    • This indoor heater comes equipped with wheels that make it portable.
    • Includes an electronic display
    • A remote control is included for your convenience
    • Atlas heaters come with a washable filter, meaning there will be no need to replace your entire heater
    • Includes temperature reset protection technology
  • Capabilities
    • Warms spaces up to 1,000 square feet in size!
    • Capable of 5600BTU
    • Atlas indoor heaters use timers that allow you to control shut off time.
    • This quartz infrared heater is so safe; your pets can even sleep on top of it!


  • Power
    • 120V 60GHz
    • Up to 5600 BTU (British Thermal Units).
  • Product Size:
    • 18L x 15.1W x 21.7H inches
    • Weight: 27 pounds (12.3 kgs).
quartz infrared technology in atlas heaters with wheels its the best portable indoor heater of its kind Portable Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with remote from Atlas, in black  
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Review : Nice heater for those cold nights to keep you nice and warm.

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