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HEPA Ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer Breezer (300HO2)
Hepa ionic atlas air purifier clean air ozone ionizer breezer

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HEPA Ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer Breezer (300HO2)


*Does not meet CA requirements.
                               *Cannot ship to state of CA.


* Compact and portable size
* Up to three stages of air filtration
* Low electrical use, low maintenance
* Quiet Operation
* Variable speed controller
* High-quality solid wooden box.
* Stainless steel construction
* No chemicals or no residual contamination.
* Energy saving, only consumes 20 watts of power.





• 11.3 trillion ions generated per second
• 110V AC/60Hz
• 12-15 kv power supply
• 120 cfm 12 volt DC variable speed fan
• Height: 12.5 "; Width: 8.25" x 9.10"
• Weight 16 lbs
• HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters)
• Efficient area 3500 sq. ft  


The Atlas 300HO2’s HEPA filters are more effective than any other type of air filter at capturing dust, pollen, dust mites, mold spores and other allergens; furthermore, negative ions are found to improve efficiency of filter units. The 300HO2 Air Purifier can oxidize the molecules with its twin ceramic ozone plates which cause odors that contaminate indoor air and aggravate allergic reactions such as sneezing, sinus and ear irritations, asthma and itchy eyes by significantly reducing particles in the air like chemical gases, paint fumes, tobacco smoke, fungi and mold.
This latest model Atlas 300HO2 HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filters) covers up to 3,500 sq ft of living space utilizing both activated oxygen (o3) and negative ions!
The HEPA filter can capture particles below 0.3 microscopic particles such as radioactive dust in atomic plants. The Atlas 300HO2 unit is made of solid natural wood, not pressed wood or laminate exterior.





 *Does not meet CA requirements.
                               *Cannot ship to state of CA.


UPC: 859456002041
Name : Anonymous
Review : washable HEPA filter review

I understand the air filter for the model 300H20 is washable. If so, could you send me a PDF copy of the manual? Thank You, Mike

The 300H02 is Not washable, the 300RH02 is washable We do not have the manual for the 300H02 but i will provide you the pdf manual for the 300H02, it is the same machine except the 300H02 does not have UV Bulb, photocatalytic filter and washable filter. PDF Manual for 300RH02 http://static.shop033.com/UserFiles/5400-Files/File/300RH02.pdf

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