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Atlas California Trading Inc. was founded in 2006 and has grown to become a leader in the import/export industry. We pride ourselves in the distribution of quality home electronic products within the International retail and wholesale markets. Please take a moment and review our complete product line and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or special needs. We sell both Hepa and Ionic Air Purifiers to retail and wholesale. With our Air Purifiers the more you buy the bigger the discount and savings. We can also drop ship the Air Purifiers for you.
Atlas Air Purifiers are industry standard machines that carry a 3 year warranty and use only the best and most up to date technologies. HEPA, Carbon, UV, Anion, Ionization and Electrostatic technologies dominate our market, and Atlas provides these with industry standard efficiency.


HEPA Filter, Ionizer, Ozone Generator, UV, Photocalyctic Filter + Remote control and bright LCD read out
• 6 stages of Air Purification Process
• Five Speed Fan
• Compact yet powerful
• Room size selection five level adjustable purifier
• Manual control and Remote control
• Digital clock
• Digital Timer function
• Safety switch (disable unit unless filters are properly installed)
• Attractive black color or wooden grain finish or other color options
• Washable and replaceable pre-filter
• Washable and replaceable Hospital Grade HEPA filter
• Washable and replaceable photo-catalytic filter

• Long lasting UV light and Anion Light
• Sleep mode dims the bright LCD panel to a minimum level allowing a good nights sleep.


Atlas 300 RHO2
HEPA, Ionizer, Ozone, UV, Photocalyctic Filter

  • Compact and Portable Size
  • Up to five stages of air filtration
  • Low electrical use, low maintenance
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • With high quality solid wooden box.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No chemicals/ no residual contamination.
  • Energy saving, only consumes 43 watt power.
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Atlas Air purifier is an air purifier store. Buy hepa filter, electrostatic air purifiers including air cleaner.
Buy the best air purifiers at some of the best prices including hepa ionic, Electrostatic Ionic, dual hepa ionic, ozonator with remote control and washable hepa filter air purifiers with UV, Anion and timer features. We also carry Dehumidifiers, Water Ionizer, Water Ozonators, air purifier accessories such as hepa filter, UV bulbs, motors and ionic plates for most air cleaners.

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