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Don't Risk Your Health!!

Have you ever considered how polluted our air is?

Do you know your allergies are caused by feces of microscopic dust mites that feed on dust and allergens lingering in the air?

Did you know that our air can contain over 400 species of fungi like Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Penicillium?

Do you really want to risk you and your loved ones' health by not having breathable air in your household?

That's where HEPA Filters come in!
HEPA filtration with negative ion generator active carbon filter and UV to rid the air of allergens, dander and pollutants
What Are HEPA Filters?:
HEPA filters and Airpurifiers, like most air cleaner products, are generally designed to clean and remove paricles from the air. Since dust, pollen and pet dander is constantly being circulated it is essential to use HEPA filtration to prevent pollutants from aggravating asthma and allergies.

These air purifiers use this medical grade, industrial strength hepafilter, the True HEPA (Highly-Effeciency Particulate Air) filter, to trap allergens, pet dander and other large particles like dust, smoke and bacteria.

HEPA filters are the most effective technology available for removing particulate matter and allergens from the air. A HEPA filter removes more than 99% of airborne particles like Pollen, Smoke, Dust As Small As 0.3 Microns!

tower air purifier and negative ion generator for allergies asthma with UVC light for bacteria mold, true hepa filters for pet dander dustpremier tower air purifier and negative ion generator with UVC light and true hepa filtersAre HEPA Filters Better Than Ionizers (Negative Ion Generators)?

Yes and No. HEPA Filteration uses a different technology than negative ion generators, so it is like comparing apples and oranges. Ionizers expel ions that attach to pollutants in the air and weigh them to the ground, so it is not technically an air filter. Luckily, Atlas provides air purifiers and air cleaners that use both HEPA filters and negative Ionizers. These air cleaners, like the 9020 air filter and the 9079C air filter, use HEPA technology with negative ion generators together for the most optimal results in combatting allergies and erradicating pollutants, dust or dander.

How long to HEPA filters last?
HEPA filters can have varied lifespans depending on the environment. With continual use in a non-smoker home, HEPA filters can last to about nine months withhout having to be replaced. If you are a smoker or if you have multiple dogs, cats or other pets, it is recommended to replace your HEPA filter within three to six months. You can purchase replacement HEPA filters for your air cleaner here.
Can I wash my HEPA filter?
Yes, but only on specific models of air purifiers. All of the following models have washable HEPA filters: ATL300CHO, ATL9020, ATL302-AC, ATL303, ATL300RHO2. Washable HEPA filters typically last significantly longer than regular HEPA filters, but replacement washable filters can be purchased here.
Can I use a HEPA filter for allergies?
Yes! We recommend HEPA filters for allergies because they are extremely effective in trapping particles that contribue to allergies. Atlas has the best air purifiers for allergies, no matter the cause. If you are looking for air purifiers for a cats, dogs or other pets, a HEPA filter can significantly decrease if not eliminate allergies to the dander from your pet.

HEPA filtration with negative ion generator active carbon filter and UV to rid the air of allergens, dander and pollutants

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