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Historically, ultraviolet light, often shortened as UV light, has been proven highly effective in the disinfection of surfaces, water, and the air. However, one may begin to wonder about the effectiveness of this technology for airborne pollutants or particles or their effectiveness in carrying out the overall improvement of the surrounding atmosphere. What are UV light air purifiers? How do they work? If you’re wondering if UV light air purifiers actually help eliminate airborne particles and clean the air, read on.
What are UV Light Air Purifiers?
Designed to utilize short wave ultraviolet light, also known as UV-C light, UV air purifiers effectively inactivate pathogens and microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and so forth. The ultimate goal of UV light air purifiers is to reduce indoor air particles and pollutants generally. In the market, UV-C lights are mostly sold as freestanding devices or systems which are mostly pre-installed into an existing residential HVAC system.
Upon installation, UV-C allows the passage of air to completely disinfect the air by a means known as germicidal irradiation. However, this process might lead to a secretion of ozone.
How Do UV Air Purifiers Clean the Air?
The mechanism of action of UV-C light is quite simple and hassle-free. As mentioned earlier, UV-C allows the passage of air through the UV lamps, potentially altering the DNA of any microorganism or particle present. Hence, it completely inactivates and destroys them. Generally, UV light air purifiers are mostly combined with a forced-air system, coupled with an additional filter such as a HEPA filter. As a result, the UV-C light works with other processes to disinfect the indoor atmosphere and ensure that everywhere is clean and free of dust, dirt, or particles.
Buy Atlas Air Purifier Ozonator Dual Hepa Active Carbon UV Air Purifier D
Covering an area of about 1,200 sq ft, Atlas Air Purifier Ozonator Dual Hepa Active Carbon UV Air Purifier D is designed with a washable pre-filter, which helps to trap and catch large pollutants and particles in its twin HEPA filters. The dual HEPA system that comes with this air purifier is functional in catching contaminants and large particles that can aggravate breathing passages. While this air purifier is designed with incredible features like an active carbon filter, Ozonator, UV lamp, and HEPA filter, it is suitable for bedrooms, clubs, hotels, and offices.
Looking for a UV-C light air purifier to eliminate airborne odors and particles from your residence, purchasing Atlas Air Purifier Ozonator Dual Hepa Active Carbon UV Air Purifier D is the best decision you make for your home in 2021. Buy Now!


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