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December 2020

Do Air Purifiers Actually Work?

 by bahadori_m on 30 Dec 2020 |
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Home air purifiers are receiving much larger attention all across the world. This is partly as a result of their response to issues relating to air quality. Of course, every home is designed to offer the inhabitants one major thing. And that's to serve as a shelter for the inhabitants. In reality, many people tend to spend a larger percentage of their time indoors rather than outdoors like the past generations. As a result of this, people tend to get exposed to a much larger percentage of indoor particles and pollutants, which could cause several health issues. Despite numerous promises, do air purifiers fulfill their actual purpose? Are they reliable solutions to eliminate indoor particles and pollutants? The short answer is yes but to a degree. Let's take a brief look at how these air purifiers work and whether they are really worth considering as an addition to your home or not. How Does Air Purifiers Work? Essentially, air purifiers like Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A work by sanitizing the surrounding atmosphere. It is believed that the atmosphere may harbor several pollutants, particles, toxins, and allergens. Unlike oil diffusers and humidifiers, air purifiers are the exact opposite when it comes to how they perform their functions. Air Purifiers like the Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A also works differently compared to air filters. How? While filters only remove particles and pollutants, air purifiers go further by sanitizing the air after eliminating the particles. Ultimately, the specific particles removed by an air purifier depend largely on the type and make of the air purifier you chose. While there are air purifiers specifically manufactured with an inbuilt filter that helps trap particles as air passes through them, there are other air purifiers that neutralize these particles without filtering them out first. A typical example of such is our Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A. This air purifier emits negative ions, which help to attract positive ion particles in the sir. Ultimately, neutralizing them. Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A is highly efficient and effective at keeping your indoor air free of particles and pollutants. For more information regarding our Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A, visit our website now.  

What are the Benefits of a Whole House Air Purifier?

 by bahadori_m on 30 Dec 2020 |
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According to reports, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently battling the entire universe, people have been forced to spend a larger part of their time indoors as a measure to curtail the spread of the virus. Ultimately, this has brought about the need to improve the overall quality of your indoor atmosphere. One of the simple and easy ways to protect yourself and your family during this trying time is to purchase a Whole House air purifier. Getting this air purifier installed in your home comes with a whole lot of benefits. Typically, you’ll be able to get rid of harmful air pollutants, contaminants, and particles. This is particularly recommended for those suffering from various health issues such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. How Does Whole House Air Purifier Works?   Unlike the conventional air purifiers that only purify a single room, whole-house air purifiers like the ATLS ST-UV36 HVAC air purifier are usually connected to the HVAC system in your home. These systems have been manufactured and designed to effectively filter out traces of airborne particles and pollutants that your HVAC system couldn’t get rid of. With the aid of an inbuilt UV light system, a whole-house air purifier help eliminate the presence of bacteria and viruses in constant circulation in your indoor atmosphere. Apart from this popular health benefit, a whole-house air purifier will also help you conserve the money you would have spent purchasing multiple portable air purifiers in your home. Similarly, they also help to maintain your HVAC system. This is achieved through the prevention of particles and contaminants from building up on your ductwork and equipment.   Atlas Air Purifier Offers the Best Air Purification Systems Does your home suffer from particles such as dust, dirt pollens, and other contaminants? Or are you currently on the lookout for the best air purification system for your home? Atlas Air Purifier has a whole-house air purification system known as the ATLS ST-UV36 HVAC air purifier. This system has been certified to help purify your home against sinus, bacteria, mold, and other household odors. Apart from that, it also helps strengthen your respiratory health, preventing you from asthma, headaches, common cold, influenza, and other respiratory disorders. For further inquiries regarding this product, visit our website.  
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